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uTorrent is the best free application for downloading torrents with flexible settings and user-friendly interface. You can download uTorrent for free on our website.



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uTorrent free download


Policy: Free

Vendor: BitTorrent

Bittype: x32

Size: 1.26 mb

Full description

uTorrent is a reliable software that works equally stable with all versions of Windows and allows you not only to quickly download data from trackers, but also to optimize the received files. Many users prefer to download uTorrent to a PC or laptop exclusively for saving documents, opening torrent files downloaded from thematic sources in the program. In this case, the functionality provides for searching the necessary data in the program window, which is no less convenient.

You can download uTorrent for Windows of any version and adapt it to your requirements by adjusting the download speed, connecting additional sources and setting storage space. In addition, work statistics are always available.