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Telegram for Desktop is an application that allows you to instantly exchange messages and files, which is an excellent alternative to WhatsApp. For comfortable communication, download Telegram for Desktop for free.



  • Полезные параметры настройки уведомлений

  • Сильная ориентация на безопасность и скорость

  • Полная синхронизация между устройствами

  • Полностью бесплатный


  • Должен иметь учетную запись Telegram в мобильном приложении


Telegram for Desktop free download

Version: 3.0.1

Policy: Free

Vendor: Telegram LLC

Bittype: x64

Full description

In order to start using the application on a computer, you must be a registered user. After confirming with a mobile device, you can begin communication.

You can download the Telegram for Desktop program on our website, after which the messenger allows you to exchange an infinite number of messages, audio and video files, pictures, as well as built-in emoticons and stickers, which you can add to your own preferences. One of the main advantages of the application is the ability to group chat or personal channel. Invite friends to download Telegram for Desktop to a computer, and you can discuss topics of interest together.