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WhatsApp is a popular instant messenger that allows you to instantly exchange messages all over the world. To stay always in touch, just download WhatsApp on your PC.



  • Предлагает почти все те же опции, что и мобильное приложение.

  • Беседа намного быстрее, используя клавиатуру

  • Предлагает синхронизацию в реальном времени между приложением и ПК

  • Хорошо продуманный интерфейс


  • Для его использования необходимо подключить мобильное устройство

  • Некоторые параметры отсутствуют


WhatsApp free download

Version: 0.3

Policy: Free

Vendor: Whatsapp

Bittype: x64

Size: 139.93 mb

Full description

WhatsApp is a free, multi-user application that is designed to ensure that constant communication between family and friends is maintained. The high speed of work, undemanding to the resources of the device and ease of use gave the program deserved fame.

Among other messengers, WhatsApp stands out for its stability, support for video calls, the possibility of organizing large online conferences, as well as high-quality work even with a low signal level and poor Internet connection. The client of the application securely encrypts the data, so you can not worry about maintaining anonymity on the network. To use all the functionality of the program, just download WhatsApp on a PC or laptop.