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PUBG Mobile


The most epic Battle Royale ever! Free version for mobile devices. Customizable controls, training modes and voice chat with friends.



  • Huge gaming community

  • High quality graphics

  • Regular updates


  • Fights can be too short

  • Works poorly on old and some modern smartphones

  • Requires a very high quality internet connection


PUBG Mobile free download

Version: 1.5

Policy: Free

Vendor: PUBG Corporation

Bittype: x64

Full description

The official version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which is designed specifically for smartphones. Intense battles, quick wins, over 1 billion players worldwide.

• The most famous battle royale

Free and with many new events. Take first place and shoot your fill at the same time! PUBG MOBILE is the first "Battle Royale" for smartphones and at the same time - the peak of the genre.
• Play anywhere, anytime

PUBG MOBILE will easily cheer you up! The most enjoyable and optimized firefights are completely free!
• Intense Battles and Quick Victories

Grab your weapons and get ready for battle: free matches in PUBG MOBILE are calling!
• Exciting New Modes

In the PUBG MOBILE "Terrible Flora" mode, you will face alien invaders. Free the planet of PUBG from Yaril and shoot your fill! The trumpet calls to the battle to defend the home! Cell Matrix is ​​already down. Play the ultimate Battle Royale!
• Huge maps and many battles

PUBG MOBILE thrills the blood with many possibilities and dangers. Can you survive on the maps of this world? Call your friends and play new modes together! Shoot everything you see!
• Designed specifically for mobile devices

Features customizable controls, workout modes and voice chat with friends. The most elaborate controls and the most realistic weapons among mobile shooters.

PUBG MOBILE offers a variety of items and high definition graphics. Everything you need is here. Try an incredible arsenal of free weapons and keep checking back with new items, maps and modes added all the time! PUBG MOBILE is the most addicting free online shooter on mobile. Enter the game, equip and challenge other players. Engage in epic 100-man combat and play modes such as Payload, 4v4 Team Deathmatch, and Zombies. The victory will go to the last survivor. Fire until the end!

A stable network connection is required.

Recommended system requirements for PUBG MOBILE: Android 5.1.1 or newer and at least 2GB of memory.