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Uplay is a popular gaming service from Ubisoft. Allows you to buy content for your favorite games, download games, run them in online mode and chat with other gamers.



  • Наличие встроенного онлайн-маркета;


  • Некоторые новости и пункты меню не переведены;


uPlay free download

Version: 81.0

Policy: Free

Vendor: Ubisoft

Bittype: x64

Size: 85.05 mb

Full description

Uplay is a digital distribution service for gaming products from Ubisoft. As additional functions, there are DRM, network game and various ways of communication / interaction between players. The program is designed for many platforms: PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Facebook, iPhone and iPad.

For game achievements in the program, the user is awarded special points, awards and trophies are awarded. On our online portal you can download the Uplay client for Windows for free.