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Free VPN


A program to maintain complete user security and data encryption. Use of an anonymous network and gateway connections without the need for fine-tuning and knowledge.



  • Choosing a server to connect around the world

  • Complete privacy with "Secure Core"

  • Instant connection


  • Speed ​​slows down if the server is far away

  • Paid services are more expensive than many competitors

  • Deep customization is very difficult for beginners


Free VPN free download

Version: 3.4

Policy: Free

Vendor: Proton Technologies

Bittype: x32

Full description

The number of scammers on the Internet is growing every day, so ensuring your safety is becoming one of the most important tasks. Do not think that if you use only trusted sites, you are completely protected. Even public Wi-Fi is dangerous, because when using it, personal information becomes available.

If you download Free VPN, then the Internet connection will occur through an encrypted network, and the user's history will remain anonymous. Another advantage of the application is the ability to access sites blocked in your region.