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Program for calling Viber with the ability to leave voice and text messages. Download Viber for free on our website.



  • Бесплатные звонки через VoIP для друзей

  • Отличное качество связи

  • Поддержка видеозвонков

  • Notificatios в системном трее

  • Синхронизация контактов и сообщений между устройствами


  • Немного расширенных функций

  • Приложение, необходимое для работы ПК-клиента


Viber free download


Policy: Free

Vendor: Viber Media

Bittype: x32

Size: 80.31 mb

Full description

Viber is an instant messenger that allows you to communicate via direct calls, leave text and voice messages in a chat. Download Viber in Russian is for everyone who prefers to communicate in the world wide web, because it gives you the opportunity to make free calls to anywhere in the world with the Internet.

Viber offers users a convenient chat with the ability to send data: images, text files and music. We should also mention the calls, because the messenger was created for them. Their quality depends on the Internet, however, with a stable connection, the quality of calls is not inferior to mobile operators. The contact list is formed from your phone book - the application automatically finds accounts of friends. You can communicate in Viber either from a smartphone or from a desktop computer through a separate desktop application or its online version.