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Total Commander


Total Commander is a file management program designed for advanced users. On our site you can download Total Commander for free.



  • Высоко настраиваемый

  • Включает хорошие дополнительные инструменты


  • Не подходит для начинающих

  • Довольно простой интерфейс


Total Commander free download

Version: 10.52

Policy: Free

Vendor: Ghisler

Bittype: x32

Size: 5.12 mb

Full description

This application is a powerful tool for managing files on a PC. Convenient and simple interface has maximum functionality and flexibility that is not available for the standard utility from Windows. That is why it is recommended to download Total Commander on a computer for those who actively work with files.

The program allows you to quickly process data archives, add and extract files from them. Also a useful feature is the ability to transfer and copy a directory tree. Present and support network storage. Also, an FTP client and an HTML viewer are built into the application. When transferring files can be split into small pieces. To replace the out-of-date Windows built-in file manager, just download Total Commander on a PC or laptop and install it.